We purchased Fake Nike Air Max 90 Premiums on eBay UK but apparently this is not enough proof!

This is our experience of buying Nike Air Max 90’s from an Ebay Seller called sarahshop17 on the 18th November 2017. Priced at £47.99 including postage we thought it was a fair price for end of line or ex display trainers but turns out they are in fact Counterfeit goods that are available from iOffer for around £15 – £20.

Checking the Feedback First.

Sellers Positive Feedback (click to enlarge)

As the seller was new with less than 100 ratings we took time to check their feedback. With over 20 positive feedback on the first page we though the seller was safe and reliable and trainers would be authentic Nikes.

We noticed one bit of feedback on their page regarding stains on the trainers so at time of placing our order we messaged the seller and asked them to check trainers before sending them. The seller replied saying they had been posted but there was no mention that the trainers had been checked for marks.

Checking the Business Information.

After placing the order we took a look at the business contact details for this seller. It all looked genuine with a public address in Peterborough, contact email address and UK VAT Number. It turns out the email address listed is not valid and anything sent there bounces back. We also noticed that the trainers were shipped from Salford, Manchester and was over 150 miles away from the business address listed on the advert. The business address is not valid. There is no 119 Stone Lane and PE6 0FH is not a valid postcode.

Image on left shows business address and image on the right shows package sent from an address in Manchester. The business address on the left is not valid and the email address does not work.

The parcel arrives in good time.

On delivery we decided to film the opening of the parcel, This was to prove that the trainers we were opening was in fact what we purchased from Ebay. You will see in the video there was no return address printed on the parcel and the tracking number matched that of our order.

Proof the trainers are counterfeit.

Fake Nike label with invalid 9 digit product code

To provide full evidence that these trainers are fake we used the official listing on the Nike Website. You will see that the box our trainers came in are listed as NIKE AIR MAX 90 PREMIUM. The collection of images below will show official Nike Air Max 90 Premium images Compared to the photos we took of the counterfeit trainers purchased on Ebay. Worth noting the 9 digit product code on the cheap undersized Nike box is also not valid – 625018 013

The Side Shot Comparison

The most obvious signs that stand out is the tick on the counterfeit trainer is not sewn like the official Air Max 90s, The bubble also clearly looks fake and the pattern on the upper sole and ankle area is perforated. The pattern around the bubble is also a mis-match.

The Nike Air Bubble Up Close.

The two images below show the official Nike Air 90 Premium bubble compared to the one found on the Counterfeit trainers purchased from Ebay

The Nike Air Tongue Label

So next we take a look at the tongue label. You can clearly see the bad stitching and poor quality of the counterfeit label design (right) compared to the official Nike one (left).

The Birds Eye View

Looking down on these trainers you can clearly identify which ones are counterfeit. The Nike Air branding on the insoles are of poor quality and look screen printed. You can see they are the wrong colour than the original Air Max 90’s and the logos are not centered. The insoles just slide out unlike genuine trainers that are glued in place.

The cheap insoles were not glued and awful quality screen printing that would never pass Nike QC

Back of the trainers

Looking at the back of the trainers you can clearly see the poor printing quality of the Nike and AIR logo. The line pattern is also wrong and take note of the bump on the swoosh below the E.

No Quality Control

Below is a few other images that confirm these trainers are counterfeit. There is no way they would pass through Quality control and make their way onto the consumer market.

Poor response from eBay

Despite providing more than enough evidence to eBay confirming these trainers were counterfeit and that the seller was fake it turns out they actually encourage the sale of counterfeit goods, fails us as consumers, and actively supports fake business sellers. Click here to see their official response.

Published on the 23/11/2017