How do we get listed on Flashsaver UK?

Our site is designed to to connect small/medium sized marketplace sellers with UK shoppers looking for a good deal on quality products. We offer a range of services from reviews, photography, video production or product description translations to help get the best exposure for your products.

Free Product Listing

We’re a top UK reviewer ranked in the top 3000 on Amazon UK and we’re also social influencers who are actively looking for new products to test and promote to shoppers in the UK. We receive emails daily from sellers looking for people to test, review, promote or even photograph or film their products. On occasion we may accept your offer and promote your product, for FREE!.

If we’ve been sent a product for one of the reasons above then we will provide a free 12 month listing on our website helping your product appear on google search results and also help drive traffic to the marketplace product page. Our social reviews include HQ images, and depending on the product we may produce videos that will be published on our site and also on Youtube.

Your advert will appear on the site for 12 months or until you sell out on Amazon. Whatever comes first

Seller or Store Accounts.

If you didn’t want to send us the products for review / testing then we have a store or seller package that allows you to list them directly, (or we can list them for you) for a small fee. More about the seller and store pages can be found here

How do I send products?

If you have a product that you would like to send us then please email with further details. If we think it would suit our target audience then we may ask you to send us a marketing sample / review unit.

We don’t offer a ‘refund after order’ or ‘refund after review’ service. In most cases the seller will ship direct or offer a voucher code for us to claim the product free. We can also purchase your items direct if you require the full secret shopper customer experience. The full payment of the item (plus any fees) would need to be covered before we placed the order.

Published on the 11/09/2017