Company releases premium spinner toy with 10% discount

Fidget Hand Spinners has announced the release of its new premium hand spinner.

The company, which was launched earlier this year, has seen sales soaring as the small spinning gadget trends around the world.

The Fidget Hand Spinner is a unique spinner with specifically designed unique selling points to put the fidget spinner at the top of the market.

Apparently this one spins for over 4 minutes, is constructed from premium steel and is Perfect for ADHD and prevents fidgeting. Did we mention it is also a great anti-smoking fidgeting toy?

It is predicted, that by the end of the year, the hand spinners trend will continue to increase, paving the way for multiple designs and variations. As such, Fidget Hand Spinners is offering a 10% discount with the release of its new product by using product code ‘OPENSALE10’.

Published on the 21/04/2017