MOBILE CHILDREN – Hands-On Generation from the Age of SIX

18% of children aged between six and eight now own their own mobile phone according to research among 2,000 consumers¹ carried out by Peli, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protection cases. Ownership rises to nearly 20% for children aged between nine and 11 – with over 50% of children over the age of 13 now owning a phone.

“Parents don’t usually share their mobile devices with kids for speaking to someone,” says Estefania Fenoy, Marketing Director EMEA at Peli. “Parents loan their smartphones to keep their children occupied. Over 20% of parents in the research said they loaned their phones to their children at restaurants; 18% in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room; and 22% generally when outside the home. Only 29% of respondents said they did not loan their mobile to their children, with the majority passing it out for at least a little while.”

In terms of time, parents allow their children to use their phone for a range of time: time ranges from 49% saying they allow use for one hour a week; 33% up to five hours a week; 10% five to 10 hours a week; 2.5% allow 10-15 hours a week; and 4% allow over 15 hours a week.

Recent research by Peli – based on 2,000 smartphone users across Europe – shows 72% of mobile phone owners in the research have damaged or broken their phones – often from a careless slip by a member of the family; 50% of owners of broken phones won’t get them fixed for at least a month; a massive 25% of people don’t get them repaired at all! That’s a lot of time to be without your own phone – even with a temporary replacement, it’s never quite the same. Why take the risk?

Peli Products offer the ultimate protection with their cases, which have Peli’s DNA – protective cases that withstand the most extreme conditions on earth. They also carry a Lifetime Guarantee*.

The Peli range delivers extreme protection and includes: The Vault – giving ultimate protection for iPhones and with a reinforced compartment where valuables are stored; the Voyager which showcases the colour of the phone and offers 4 layers of protection; the Adventurer which is one of the slimmest cases on the market with a clear back to show the colour of the phone; and the sleek Guardian designed for Europeans by David Ahmad whose Award-winning designs include those for the interior of the Ferrari F488.



Published on the 01/05/2017