Watch out product reviewers! Scammers are phishing social media for your Amazon account details

A fake email scam is doing the rounds this week and it’s targeting product reviewers on social media. The phishing email appears to come from Amazon and threatens to terminate the users account unless they login and update their personal details by clicking a link in the message. 

For a lot of online reviewers this email could actually appear genuine at first because many reviewers in the UK are dealing directly with oversea sellers.

The email mentions that Amazon ‘verified connections in your account from another country’ and ‘for greater security please verify your data and your account’


Fake sellers will post review requests on social networks like Facebook and Twitter requesting an email address to send an Amazon code to for reviewers to get a free product.

In our case we replied to one of these posts with an email address that we have never used before and within half hour we received the email with a link to a google app page that clones the Amazon Login Page.


If you’re a product reviewer then we’d strongly recommend never giving out your main email address. A lot of reviewers publicly post their main email address, and a scammer will know that email address is probably linked to the reviewers  Amazon, eBay, Facebook and possibly even Paypal. With so many free email services there is no reason why you’re not using a second address for things like this.

After we took out the tracking id from the url we was left with the main domain of the site. The domain is hosted with, a popular free web hosting company. We have passed the details onto them so hopefully it will be removed soon.

If you think you may have already fallen victim to this email scam then we suggest you go directly to by typing it into your web browsers address bar and then see if you can login. If you are able to login then make sure you change your password to something new.

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Published on the 01/06/2017